Frequently asked questions.

‘Get into’ working out with immersive technology.

You’d be surprised how affordable the Surround Fit & Wellness approach is. Packages start around $350 per month. This includes system and content costs. To put this amount in context, for many organizations this is far less than paying for two hours of yoga instruction weekly. However, with Surround Fit & Wellness you can offer any of our immersive classes at whatever schedule best meets the needs of your organization.

The projection screens and systems are created by Surround Fit & Wellness. Solutions are therefore fully customizable to most space and budget constraints. For example, a recent installation is tucked into 10 ft x 15 ft of underutilized wall space within a forward-thinking health and performance studio as a way of augmenting current offerings.

See examples of space requirements.

Our standard system can be ready for installation within a month, while custom more complex systems tend to add a couple months to the fabrication process.

Safety is one of our top priorities. All of the instructors developing content for Surround Fit & Wellness are experienced and certified for the classes we have created. These instructors carefully reference proper form and offer modifications to address a range of fitness levels throughout their classes. With safety in mind, we recommend a buddy system for on demand offerings, and that proper emergency procedures are clearly posted for your employees.

Surround Fit & Wellness provides a minimum of 5-10 unique episodes for immersive classes in each fitness and wellness area. Currently this includes ~50 unique episodes across all classes, and new classes are provided monthly to keep these offerings fresh.

Yes! Our team is happy to help realize your vision for immersive content that is tailored to your needs. 

We are always looking for certified instructors who are willing to create content that diversifies our offerings. Importantly, these collaborations also allow our patrons to experience local studios and practices that can help them live healthier, more balanced lives. We are happy to promote these collaborations through digital signage at the start and end of each immersive class. Please use the contact page on our website, or message us through any of our social media outlets to start a conversation. We look forward to working with you.